The following individuals contributed to the exhibition, by sharing one or a combination of their knowledge, voices, materials, skills, and expertise: 

A. Michael Bezener
Anna Warwick Sears
Chad Eneas
Chris Bull
 Christine Bishop
Dawn Machin
Howie Wright
 Jeannette Armstrong
John Wagner

Colville Confederated Tribes:

Karilyn Alex
Kim Hyatt
Rose Caldwell
Richard Armstrong
Ryan Benson
Sarah Alexis
Scott Boswell
Tara White
Tracey Bonneau

Albert Andrews Redstar
Barb Freelander
Chaz Williams
Clem Nichols
Ernie Brooks
George Abrahamson

Kathy Womer
Lucille Pakootas
Patty Porter
Shelly Phillips
Stretch Cleveland

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the individuals and organizations that made this project possible. In particular, the hard work, dedication and collaborative spirit of the project partners allowed the various pieces that comprise this complex project to be woven together:

University of British Columbia, Centre for Culture and Technology
Sonic Production Intelligence Research and Application Lab
En’owkin Centre
Okanagan Heritage Museum

The following organizations also generously contributed content to this project: 

Institute for Community Engaged Research
Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Project
Okanagan Institute for Biodiversity, Resilience & Ecosystem Services
Okanagan Nation Allegiance 

Finally, we would like to acknowledge our funders that made this project possible:

City of Kelowna
BC Arts Council
Innovetion ca

Waterways is a collaborative undertaking between the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Elders and Knowledge Keepers of the syilx Okanagan community, Kelowna Museums Society, Okanagan Basin Water Board, and the Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program